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Rotary “Pride of Workmanship” Award 2023 – Tracey Marshall

29 March 2023 | Delete
Rotary “Pride of Workmanship” Award 2023 – Tracey Marshall

On Tuesday 28 March 2023 our partners and a number of staff attended The Rotary Club of Emerald & District’s “Pride of Workmanship” Awards. Rotary, believes “Pride of Workmanship” – the sense of responsibility to do a job well (DO IT ONCE – DO IT WELL) is one of the greatest intangible assets in our community.

As part of Rotary’s campaign to encourage the “Pride of Workmanship” theme, the Rotary Club of Emerald & District offered local employers the opportunity to recognise employees who have displayed outstanding qualities in their role over a period of time such as a positive attitude, strong work ethic, dedication and commitment to their role and outstanding customer service.

This year the partners nominated Tracey Marshall for this Award. The Pride of Workmanship nomination for Tracey was read out at the Awards presentation as follows:


Nadia Falcone, Partner at Falcone & Adams Lawyers would like to nominate Tracey Marshall for the Rotary Club of Emerald & District Pride of Workmanship 2023 Award.

Tracey Marshall has been employed by Falcone & Adams Lawyers since January 2018 as a Legal Executive working within our Wills, Estate Planning and Deceased Estates team as a Probate Law Clerk.

Tracey’s empathy and professionalism when interacting with Executors and beneficiaries of a Will is impeccable. This is an incredible difficult and emotional time for our clients and Tracey’s care, compassion, approachable manner and diligence is a reflection of the dedication and commitment she has to her position with our firm and our clients.

Tracey’s outstanding work ethic can be shown in the hours she is willing to work to get her client files completed and have the deceased Estates distributed in accordance with the Will, in the most professional and timely manner.

Tracey is popular with everyone at our firm, has a cheeky sense of humour and is a wonderful asset of our firm, and we are very pleased to nominate Tracey for this award.

CONGRATULATIONS TRACEY, we hope you enjoyed your special night!!

Tracey is famous – see page 6
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